"Well he will eventually. Right now he just looks at us with those huge eyes and coos." He said as he planted a small kiss on his son’s nose. "Ain’t that right Nash?" He asked with a laugh.

"Whatever you say Daddy Ant." Leaning in she whispered in his ear. "Thankfully he has your big eyes and not mine." She made a reference to her heterochomia. Of course she had to comment on her flaw, or what she believed was a flaw. 



Anthony heard what she said and went got exactly what she said. As gentle as he could, he slipped the clothes on her. “I’m gonna get Brylee in the car real quick and then carry you out.” He told her and carried out the small girl and put her in the carseat and got Emma. “Okay, let’s get you feeling better.” He said as he put her in the passanger seat and drove to the Emergency room.

This was the only rare times where she allowed him to help her like this. Emma didn’t even try to fight it. Instead, she yearned for him. His touch was so affectionate and soft, that she began leaning towards his hands. She was so limp in his arms. A wince became very permanent on her face. The moment he sat her down in the seat, she tugged on the seatbelt. “I am so sorry for all of this. This is all my fault.”

you know what really annoys me, when people spell regular words incorrectly. defiantly is not definitely or affect is not effect or complement is not compliment. like sound the vowels out people, defiantly sounds nothing like definitely



       "The idea sounds good but I have to warn you I’ve never played an American Idol game before in my life." Of course, Caspar knew he could sing his butt off but that didn’t mean he knew how to play a game like that. Caspar was cool with whatever Audrey wanted to do as long as he didn’t have to go out tonight. He just wanted a lazy night that required him staying in.

   Her pupils began to grow slightly inside of her hazel irises. She was so excited to hear him say yes to her proposition that she began giggling. If it was not extremely obvious, the cute/ girly switch inside of her brain had been flipped on. Audrey was not a giggler nor a squealer, she did not get this excited over little things, and blushing came rarely.The fact that this was happening was quite strange. After a minute of a girlish giggle, she composed herself. “You are probably ten times better than what I will ever be.”


Me in school.


     Well, this is just going perfectly. "Urm…Uh, yeah. The pen," he finished lamely, regretting his venture into branching out. For someone who’d been something of an introvert, the r e a l world, as his sister classified it, was increasingly difficult to navigate. “I just thought maybe you’d like it. To write. For reasons. A-And stuff.” That is amazing. Just shut up. Snapping his mouth closed, he shuffled awkwardly and lifted a hand to brush at the nape of his neck.


She silently watched him, taking in all of his body langauge. She could tell that he was nervous. That made her wonder why, why would anyone be nervous to talk to her? Her hand reached out to grab it from him. “Thank you. I have been looking for this pen all day. It is my lucky pen.” She feigned excitement as she took it from him. Cleo knew that was not her pen but he made the effort to act like it was. The least she could do was go along with it. “How shall I repay you? Lunch maybe?” 


As the small brunette settled onto his lap, Lucas’ arms wrapped around Audrey tightly, pulling her even closer to him. Pressing a small kiss to her shoulder, his chin then rested on it gently. “No sex?” Lucas questioned, eyebrow raising as he looked at the woman on his lap in confusion. “What’s the point of us making up if we don’t get to have hot makeup sex?” The look of confusion gave way to a look of amusement as the obvious happiness that was spread over her face. The small clap of joy from Audrey had him chuckling and shaking his head.


"I mean I can give you sex this week and then hell next week. It is up to you. Do you want to deal with devil me on my period just to get some sex. I don’t really think it worth it to be honest." Of course she was lying about herself. She was probably one of the nicest and cutest person on her period. Audrey was like a Mother Theresa. The hormones just cancelled out on her regular self and replaced them with the opposite.  Being cute and nice wasn’t really a fond idea to her.


"Glorious day that will be."


"I will slip laxatives in your food so you deal with your constant shit."

"We were there for each other to understand the things that no one else in the world could. There were some things we would never make sense of and we were there for those, too. We were there for the things we couldn’t face alone. Or the ones we didn’t want to face at all. Together, it was as if we formed one single, complete person. Wild, unstoppable Bridget. Shy and beautiful Lena. Tibby, the rebel. And me, Carmen, the writer."

America Ferrera becoming Betty Suarez